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Welcome to Read and Believe.

My name is Dr. J, and I am a teacher of Laws of the Universe.

When people want help finding answers for questions about their lives, or anything which is personal in nature to them, it is natural to reach out to someone. This may include religious leaders and spiritual teachers. A challenge for receiving help from religious leaders is the conditional nature with which help is provided. Information is presented as having been received from a divine source, filtered through their institution’s belief system, and further interpreted by this leader. Followers are also told they must live a certain conditional lifestyle and follow prescribed rules, if they are going to be deemed worthy to receive assistance or guidance.

In contrast, seeking help from spiritual leaders is not much different. This is especially true for those who teach Law of Attraction and use channeling as the method of presenting the information being taught. Once again, followers rely upon someone to access information from a higher source, filter and interpret it, and await the next time this teacher has something meaningful to state to them. What this does is to teach dependency on the teacher, rather than show followers they have an ability to find the answers they seek from within.

I want to lift the curtain and show those who have questions about their lives that they have access to the source of life right now, and no one has to wait for someone to access divine information for them. I have a natural ability to attune to the Collective Consciousness of mankind and Universal Wisdom through focused reflection, and I want to teach and empower others to learn how to also access this insight and wisdom. More importantly, I am a teacher of Laws of the Universe. The Law of Attraction has been taught and over-emphasized for too long, and too many people are finding it alone does not help transform their lives in the manner it is being presented. When people discover and apply more of the Laws of the Universe, this is when they can begin to experience a personal and spiritual awakening.

I am a teacher of the Laws of the Universe, and the wisdom I share helps to address most of the questions people have as they embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-development, and self-awakening. This knowledge is not affiliated with any religion or religious institution as it is based upon the wisdom of mankind. I do not claim to have any special powers or gifts, only a natural ability to listen to a higher frequency, and through focused listening I am able to tap into this endless source of life and wisdom. This is my story, my journey, and I am ready to share it with others. 

I hope you are inspired by what you read as I share new blog posts and resources.

Dr. Bruce A. Johnson

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