Laws of the Universe: Why Would Someone Choose to Live a Unique Life?

Do you feel as if you do not fit into the definition of “normal” as described by society, as if normal even exists? Have you ever been labeled “different” or “strange” or a “freak” by someone who deemed themselves better than you? Or do you find yourself not being accepted by religious institutions because of who you are or what you choose to believe?

It would seem as if our society teaches us there is a standard definition of who is considered to be normal, and it is reinforced in magazines, movies, and television shows. Yet whenever someone is asked to define what normal means in society, the best description someone can describe usually refers to their skin color, physical condition, societal status or role, and overall appearance. However, if you really examine our society, it would be virtually impossible to create one standard definition of normal as there are literally endless variations of human exterior appearances. Yet the outdated idea of a normal man and woman does exist, especially with regards to looks.

What I was curious about was the idea of being normal from a perspective of other human characteristics, the qualities which make us unique. For example, as a gay man I grew up in a time period when it was not as socially acceptable and I had to struggle with my identity for many years. My response to what I was feeling was to hide my identity, until one day in my 30s I decided to be true to myself and stop hiding. Even 20 years later, I still find I am cautious about revealing this truth to my employers. While marriage equality exists in the United States, workplace protections are not always guaranteed for all employees. I find it interesting that society has come so far in some aspects, yet is still backwards in others.

I then thought about many other people like me who must hide their identities for fear of retaliation on the job, or are afraid of what other people might think of them. Once you state your truth, you cannot undo it. Then there are other types of unique people who struggle with human rights, beyond those who are gay, based upon their gender preference, skin color, or other qualities and characteristics. While the United States is one of the most advanced and progressive nations, many people struggle on a daily basis – either for their rights, to survive, or be treated as human beings.

This led me to the question I have as I focused on Universal Wisdom for guidance: Why would someone choose to live a unique life? I understand now that we choose our lives and create a plan before we arrive in a physical form. This means we must have an option to choose a physical form and a life which could be easy or difficult. I think about the number of losses, health challenges, career challenges, and the physical pain I have endured throughout my life, along with those I love, and I wonder why I would choose this type of path for my life – especially if I have decided to be a unique individual.

I realize this makes it sound as if being gay is a choice, which I need to clarify. As someone in a physical form, you are who you are right now and you do not choose to be one way or another while in physical form. In other words, being gay is not a choice. But before you came into this physical form, I have come to understand that while you are in energetic form you can decide the life you want to live ahead of time or before you come into this world, and this means you can choose to come into a physical form and be gay, or in any other type of life you design.

Let me share with you now what I have learned about deciding to live a unique life.

A universal truth is this: Every man, woman, and child begin their life with one unique physical characteristic, the fingerprint, which declares this person has their own identity in the world and cannot be claimed by someone else. Other physical characteristics may be duplicated, such as hair style, skin tone, eye color, hair color, etc. The endless possible combinations create a world full of unique, special, interesting, vibrant, beautiful, and very human individuals.

There are also just as many interior characteristics possible as there are exterior characteristics. These interior qualities consist of emotions, a disposition, personality, intelligence, humor, wit, glow, charm, charisma, introvert, extrovert, and the hundreds of other names used to describe how a person behaves, feels, acts, responds, or thinks.

Establishing a Norm in Society

What society as a culture tends to focus on is the exterior or physical appearance. This has been done to create a norm in society, especially with regards to establishing standards of conduct for regulation and control of people within society. Religions decide who are normal and therefore worthy of receiving eternal life. Politicians decide who fit the societal norms and enact laws and regulations, or rights, privileges, and benefits for theses groups accordingly.

This applies to all aspects of society, from food to fashion. There is an idealized standard of beauty, acceptable standards of a normal couple, standards of who can hold hands in public (a male and a female), a normalized look for clothes and fashion in general, and all of this is further reinforced in movies and television shows.

To think outside of these standards can make a person feel a sense of guilt or shame. To act outside of what is considered to be normal may result in ridicule, shaming, loss of a job, loss of family and friends, feelings of deep shame that are carried for a lifetime, and even worse than all of these conditions.

Living Outside of the Norm

When society treats people in this manner, groups, cliques, and memberships are formed. People tend to band together with others like themselves, which is why change eventually occurs for some groups over time – when a group grows large enough, is disenfranchised from the rest of society, and one day their voice is finally heard.

But more often than not, in a society that establishes strict definitions of normal, those who fall outside of the normal either try to fit in, or they join an outsiders group and stay in a fractured section of society. It is as if they are living in this world, but not accepted for who they really are – except by those who are outside of the norm with them. Those who fit in with societal expectations seem to have access to the best that can be acquired because they seemingly are rewarded.

The Myth of the Norm

In reality, the idea of a perfect norm in society is an illusion, along with anyone living a perfect life because they seemingly fit into that definition. Society constantly adapts over time because the people change and evolve, and they demand changes. Societal laws are always a battleground as politicians and other lawmakers can never win the eternal battle of trying to control such a diverse society by treating people as one type of person.

Even religions struggle to retain membership and followers because of using an outdated book, sources that were heavily edited to begin with as a means of controlling a particular civilization at the time it was put together. The stories, myths, and fables used to create this ancient book hold little relevance in a modern society, other than to produce feelings of fear to control, or warmth to elicit compliance. Yet this book is still used to this day, as a means of dictating morals, and exerting control over people.

The people who fall outside of the norm do not accept the attempt to be controlled so easily and that is why there is so much effort put into trying to control these groups – they do not easily comply with the ideas of trying to fit in, at least not in the long term.

Choosing or Not Choosing This Type of Life

By knowing all of these conditions, the question being sought is this: Why would someone want to be in this world, as a human being, and not fit in with society?

Here are some examples:

  • Why would someone choose to come into a physical form and be part of a minority group, only to experience prejudice?
  • Why would someone choose to come into a physical form and be gay, only to experience hate and discrimination, along with guilt and shame?

The answer begins first by remembering that you, and all human beings, begin as energy. When you choose a physical form you are still energy, and energy remains even after the physical form is shed. This means that what is most important is the energy, not the physical form.

The question needs to be changed to: Why does an energy source choose to add a physical form? That’s the first question. The answer has to do with the sustaining and nurturing of the energy of life, or the source of life, the energy stream itself. The physical form creates memories, which is Collective Consciousness energy, the wisdom then nurtures Universal Wisdom. The emotions, both positive and negative, nurtures and sustains both ends of the spectrum of energy.

The second question then is this: How is a decision made about the type of physical form, along with the qualities and characteristics of the physical form? There are several factors. For example, if someone wants to come forward again and experience life in a different manner, this can influence their decision. Or if they are coming forward again with someone, those two energies will reach an agreement about the type of lives they want to experience. In other words, this is not a random process.

Choosing a Unique Life

Those who choose the most unique of lives to live are the ones who often get to experience the most in life itself. This is not to state it is the easiest life, as there may likely be hardships and challenges. Yet the unique nature of living outside of what is normally accepted as the standard for society can ultimately be the most rewarding.

Some people will choose to come back later as well, after society has evolved, and their group or the nature of their unique qualities has become more widely accepted. But often the challenges produce the most wisdom, which in turn nurtures Collective Consciousness and Universal Wisdom, and ultimately, all of mankind.

A Unique Life vs. Individualism

What has been described is related to specific and identifiable characteristics or qualities, such as being gay or being part of a minority group. Other physical attributes which fall outside of the norm in society may never be fully embraced, and this is referred to as individualism.

When a person can express themselves, it means they trust their inner voice, they are tapped into their inner creativity, and they can sense the connection they have to Collective Consciousness – even if they do not understand what it means. A person who chooses to express their individuality may also find a life of challenges and struggle, and live outside the established norm. While it can feel like a path no one should want to be on, it was a path chosen by design.

When you see a person who appears to be outwardly unique, give them a smile. They may not yet be at a point in their journey where they recognize the path of fulfillment they have chosen; however, they may realize one day it is possible to achieve. A warm smile from you can help to reassure them that someone recognizes their journey.

If this person is you, part of your journey is self-acceptance. This alone may be a lifelong struggle as you learn to embrace the unique nature of your interior and exterior qualities. What makes you unique may be a combination of your personality and your physical attributes. There is not one mold that anyone was made from because you determined all of the design specifics before you arrived in physical form. What matters most is that you remember the energy source you come from and you are still connected to at all times. This means you are following a plan and when you can find acceptance of yourself, you can begin to embrace your life’s plan as well.

Who wants to be normal, when you can experience life to the fullest? Just by reading this now, it means you are well on your way to a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and more importantly, self-transformation. This is going to be an amazing life that you have planned for yourself.  

I hope you Read and Believe in the power of your ability to learn the Laws of the Universe,

Dr. J

Important Note: These are notes taken while I am involved in focused thinking and connected to Collective Consciousness and Higher-Order Universal Wisdom. I have recorded and transcribed my notes, making them available to anyone interested in learning about Laws of the Universe.

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