Laws of the Universe: Can Someone Amend Their Life’s Plan?

Do you accept you are in control of your life? Can you accept the possibility you have developed a plan for your life, even before you arrived here in physical form? Are you willing to reject the idea a supreme being or higher universal power is responsible for what is happening in your life now?

I have been studying the Laws of the Universe for some time and the more I learn from Universal Wisdom, the more my mind has become open to truths about our lives. For example, I now know there isn’t a supreme being who is in control of the universe. There also isn’t a higher power who determines who has access to the energy or source of life. This has taught me every man, woman, and child has come forward in a physical form with a plan which he or she already developed and planned for in detail.

This was important for me to learn as a teacher of Laws of the Universe, as I have found I need to be open to receiving knowledge while learning the truths I have access to, as I receive answers to the questions I have about life and our existence. Learning truths about the essence of our being and the source of life has been a transformational experience as I have come to know life from a completely new perspective. For example, now when I hear people state they are waiting on answers from a higher being, I find that concept so completely foreign I cannot believe anyone still believes it.

I should make it clear I believe there is a higher power, which is the source of life. It is the very energy or source of life that connects all of mankind – those who are in pure energetic form, and those who are in both energetic and physical form. Yet I know this higher power does not dictate the terms of our life and does not control the source of life. When people think of a higher power, they immediately have a image of a supreme being or authority figure who is judging them and their ability to receive some eternal rewards. What I understand the higher power to be is the power of the universe, the energy which sustains, nurtures, and maintains all of the planets, life, and mankind. All living and non-living matter nurtures this energy, and through physical forms it continues to evolve and grow. All of mankind is connected to and has access to this energy state of being. There are no limits and no restrictions for access.

I have begun to write about what I’ve learned during this time of my awakening and personal transformation, as I want to share this with other people. I know Law of Attraction is but one of many Laws of the Universe, and the many questions people have about their lives may be answered by knowing these other laws. Reading about the Laws of the Universe can help to create a spark from within, as a person learns about their connection to the true source of life, and this can be transformative.

I recently shared my journey and what I’ve learned with my closest friend. I wanted to have the experience of helping someone else who has been studying Law of Attraction and not finding it to be transformational, no matter how many years she has tried to apply it or how many attempts she has made to follow the teachings of one of the prominent Law of Attraction teachers.

When I asked my friend if she could accept the idea she created a plan for her life, and no one else did it for her, she replied and asked: Why would I create a life which was challenging at the beginning, and then challenging now during the later years?

We talked about the benefit and potential purpose of facing challenges in our lives, to us as individuals, along with all of mankind through the wisdom gained and stored in Universal Wisdom. She realized if she is indeed the one who created her life plan, and no one else is in charge, she would have to change many aspects of her thought processes. For a long time, it has seemed to her as if a higher power has been guiding her life and dictating how her life should be.

She then stated something which left a lasting impression on me: I wish we could go back to a time when we first met as friends, to a time when life was easier and there wasn’t as much of a struggle.

This led me to my question for Universal Wisdom: Can someone amend their life’s plan, once they arrive in physical form here on Earth? In other words, even though we have a life plan already established, do we provide ourselves with an ability to change it as we learn and gain wisdom through our life’s experiences? Let me share with you what I’ve learned about amending a life’s plan.

A universal truth is this: Every decision a person makes has a ripple effect as it changes the course of their life, culminating in the path they have charted. Decisions are a form of energy as they carry a vibration, a conscious and unconscious thought process with each one of them made.

The seemingly conscious part of a decision is made as follows: I believe I have a certain number of options or choices before me and therefore I will make a decision based upon methods I have learned. I have learned to weigh the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, among other such strategies which allow me to rationalize the process.

The part of the decision-making process that is subconscious, or seeming unconscious to a person, would occur as follows: I make a decision based upon how I feel, or as some have called it, a gut instinct. Some believe those who make a decision this way are prone to mistakes when they rely upon the heart rather than the mind, not realizing the unseen they are calling the heart may be the source of greater wisdom than the rational thinking mind.

The Emotional or Feeling Part of the Mind

The emotional part of the mind, or the feeling part of the mind, is the connection to Collective Consciousness which is less restricted, less edited, and less subjected to personal biases than the rational thinking mind. This seems to fly in the very face of conventional thinking, which proves this point. When a person has unrestricted access to Collective Consciousness and Universal Wisdom, they feel the positive energy of this flow. It is a nurturing and life-giving emotion as mankind would call it. It is experienced as emotions, as it is the subconscious vibrations and signals coming to and from the mind and body.

The Rational or Thinking Mind

The rational or thinking mind is part of the process of being in a physical form and having a human brain. Now every person has this living organism which is capable of generating its own thoughts and ideas. It too is automatically attuned to the frequency of Collective Consciousness, yet it is a tuner and every person can adjust its signals. This is what is known as free will. This rational mind then is faced with daily decisions to make and while a person could learn to attune to Collective Consciousness alone for guidance, most people have learned to rationalize or think through these decisions.

The decisions being referred to are the types related to a person’s life and well-being, versus decisions about matters such as choosing technical specifications for a piece of equipment in a person’s job. Yet even someone who is highly tuned to Universal Wisdom and used to connecting to this wisdom could learn to rely upon it for every aspect of their life, from how to live, to how to work, to how to run a major organization.

But very few masters could ever live and achieve this level of attunement and trust in themselves and what they were attuning to. The knowledge and wisdom are there to guide them, yet the rational mind struggles to allow control for matters involving something which is decided upon by the use of feelings rather than evidence.

The rational mind can be trained to accept Universal Wisdom as evidence rather than emotion alone, yet this takes time and practice. This is something the writer of this article has learned, to attune the rational or conscious mind to a frequency which receives Universal Wisdom clearly and more importantly, as a trusted source of guidance. By doing so, this allows the many Laws of the Universe to occur in natural order. For example, the Law of Intention allows the intended life plan and events to unfold in the exact and proper timing. Another example is the Law of Presence, which these writings are helping this writer to experience now.

Understanding the State of Energy

Now with an understanding of the rational and emotional mind, the question being sought can be addressed, and it is about being able to amend a person’s life plan.

Consider first the state of energy. It is not a static substance, which means you cannot put it in a bottle or package it in a container. It is pure motion, always in motion, flowing, evolving, and able to sustain itself. The source of life is energy, and it is nurtured by all of mankind. The new physical forms create new memories and generate new wisdom, which nurtures and helps to expand this energy of life.

All of this is important as the thoughts flowing to and from the energy of life are a form of energy as well. Thoughts are signals or vibrational impulses which carry and transmit information to and from the Collective Consciousness.

This now leads to decisions, which are a thought form or series of thoughts. Every day a person has to make quite a number of decisions and every one of those are thought based. Just as thoughts are a form of energy, so too are decisions. All is energy.

Following a Plan, Determining Whose Plan

As a person is living their daily life, something else is occurring, they are following a plan. No life is randomly designed. This statement alone can be challenging for some people to accept.

The next question involves whose plan is it. This is where religion comes into play and the teachings of a Supreme Being. Then there are New Age teachers who talk of Source Energy and Infinite Intelligence, almost alluding to someone or something else being in control. Most people have been taught, accept, and believe they are following a plan that someone else created. They believe they were “put” here on Earth and they have to find their purpose for their lives, based upon what this Supreme Being or other worldly beings have decided for them.

To think outside of that is to reject religion and even the teachings of many New Age teachers. Any yet many people have done just that over time. This is what is called an awakening. It happens gradually as religions hold tight control over the minds of their loyal followers through the use of texts which threaten punishment and eternal damnation for not following their rules.

But those who begin to question what they were taught do so because of what they feel, that somehow it just isn’t reality. Once you can accept a new way of thinking, you can be enlightened. Then you can begin to realize that the source of life is what you are part of and the Supreme Being is you.

This also opens your eyes to the knowledge that you did not just arrive here on Earth as a brand new physical form, without a past and without a past connection to the source of life. Even religions struggle to explain this as they state you were born with a soul, which is actually stating you were born as an extension of the energy of life.

You were part of the energy of mankind, you decided to come forward in physical form, and you developed a plan to do so. When you came forward, you still are connected to the energy of life. How much you remember from your energy source depends upon your plan. This writer planned to have a strong signal to lead him to this point in time, to become a teacher of the Laws of the Universe.

Making the Right or Wrong Decisions

Once in a physical form, a person then is making choices about their life. It may seem as if their life is in flux, or that it can change from day to day. This is why a question would arise about being able to amend a plan. Yet all of this was thought out and anticipated in advance while you had the full advantage of Universal Wisdom, which is the wisdom of all of mankind.

This means there are no right decisions or no wrong decisions being made, no matter how good or bad they may feel to you at the time. What you can do is to change your response to the outcomes.

When you are faced with choices and you make a decision, which turns out feeling very good, simply state: This went just as I planned. When a choice leads to a decision and the outcome feels the exact opposite, state: This went just as I had planned.

Living Your Life’s Plan to Its Fullest

You already created your life’s plan and you are following it. When you seek your purpose, look for guidance from Collective Consciousness and Universal Wisdom to help understand your life’s plan.

How do you accomplish this task if you have never done this before? You learn to quiet your mind through reflection, concentration, or meditation, and try to listen for “aha” moments, your gut instinct, and positive emotions that seemingly come from the heart. It involves inspiration that comes during quiet moments and times of creativity. You want to live in accordance with your plan, to find and know peace in your life.

Interfering with Your Life’s Plan

It is possible that you can decide to cut yourself off from being attuned to Universal Wisdom and Collective Consciousness, which you can never completely do in full because you are connected to the energy of life. However, you can choose a life of self-induced sadness and depression, or become attuned to the negative spectrum of energy. You can choose to not listen to wisdom or understand your life’s plan, which means you may interfere with the unfolding of your life’s plan, or elements of the plan, or certain actions which need to occur as part of your plan. This again is referred to as man having free will.

But this too may be part of your overall plan, or it may delay the well-being available to you by having access to the wisdom of all of mankind. There are still no right or wrong decisions to be made in your life as you are always on the path which is part of your life’s plan. Even if you make a decision about something and you are certain years later you would have never done that by looking at the events again through a rational mind, you should know it is still part of your plan.

Should you decide to slow down or interfere with your life’s plan, your life’s plan never goes away. You are always living your plan, whether or not you consciously are aware of it. The awakening of a person to understanding how they created their plan also does not change or amend it, but it brings a sense of renewal and peace. It may accelerate their plan by opening new doors, increasing their well-being, but most of all, it returns empowerment which is often taken away through societal and religious controls. When a person awakens, becomes empowered, and realizes they are in control, they become more willing to take action to make changes in their life and this moves their plan, or necessary elements of the plan, forward.

Never worry about the plan for your life, just focus on finding attunement to the greater Collective Consciousness of mankind and Universal Wisdom, to gain clarity, peace, and understanding for your life’s purpose. 

I hope you Read and Believe in the power of your ability to learn the Laws of the Universe,

Dr. J

Important Note: These are notes taken while I am involved in concentrated, focused thinking and connected to Collective Consciousness and higher-order Universal Wisdom. I have recorded and transcribed my notes, making them available to anyone interested in learning about Laws of the Universe. This is not a gift or a process which requires being ordained by a supreme being. Anyone can learn to become attuned to the universal wisdom of mankind, which is part of the source of life or the universal energy that sustains and nurtures every form of life and the universe.

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