Laws of the Universe: How Do You Keep a Positive Outlook About Life?

Have you ever considered how you can stay positive about your life when it seems you can never get a break? How can you keep a positive outlook about life when you face daily challenges, such as overwhelming responsibilities, financial debt which continues to grow beyond your ability to repay, and/or health concerns which may further limit your ability to perform your very best?

Is it possible to sustain happiness and find balance in your life, even during those times when circumstances are less than perfect?

Whenever you read self-help resources, you will find a constant theme related to the importance of being positive and happy. There is a belief you can think your way to happiness, and this is even the basis of Law of Attraction as the underlying premise is about like matter attracting like matter. Yet I have worked with Law of Attraction long enough to know there are many people who can think about being happy, and never seem to attract enough similar thoughts to remain in a happy state of mind for long.

This is not to state there isn’t value in the work of positivity or positive psychology. I have been teaching the importance of a positive mindset as an educator and now a teacher of Laws of the Universe, which means I understand how valuable this frame of mind can be for someone who is able to achieve it. When a person is able to feel positive, it means they are attuned to the best emotions they can experience and this is related to their belief system. If they are attuned to positive emotions, they may believe in themselves, and this is when someone is more likely to succeed when there are new goals, dreams, or aspirations they want to achieve.

However, I know the reality of maintaining this state of mind. A person can feel empowered when conditions in their life are good and it appears as if things are going their way for them. What happens for many people is that they look around and see their reality, and this is what makes self-empowerment challenging to sustain. Negative events or occurrences are hard to tune out or ignore, and simply stating an affirmation isn’t going to change someone’s mindset quickly. This is why people state reality is real. You cannot avoid it and when there are emotions attached to it, it can affect your state of mind and how you feel about yourself.

What I have learned as a teacher of Laws of the Universe is that there are energy spectrums, both positive and negative. It is the balance of the two spectrums which sustains this universe and creates the source of life that we are part of as human beings. We, as human beings, all have access to the Collective Consciousness, which is a repository of positive and negative memories. There is also a higher order Universal Wisdom, which is the product of the positive spectrum of energy. It is the essence of the wisdom of all of mankind, and anyone who is focused and attuned to the positive spectrum can access this Universal Wisdom.

This wisdom is what I am able to access while I am in a concentrated, focused, thinking state. Yet this wisdom does not give privileges. Even though I am a teacher of these laws, I do not live a life of ease. I maintain normal responsibilities, carry debt, have health concerns for my family, and I do not have access to special secrets of the world. In other words, I do not possess special powers as a teacher or command powers as if I were a religious leader either. I am a teacher through experience and practice.

What I wanted to know this time, while accessing Universal Wisdom, is how a person can develop an attunement to the positive spectrum and sustain it. More importantly, must a person maintain a positive attitude at all times, in order to live a life of balance? Will attunement to a positive spectrum at all times assure a person lives a life of happiness?

I’ll share with you what I have learned about maintaining a positive outlook about life.

A universal truth is this: Every human is a product of energy, and it is energy which sustains all of the universe, and all of life. To understand the nature of man is to know that man is part of the source of life, and through the actions taken while in physical form, man creates energy, and this sustains, nurtures, and balances the energy of life.

Those who seek to truly understand the nature of man must remove the shackles and blinders put on by man, and be willing to open up to, and be willing to experience, universal truths. One truth is that man’s mind can never comprehend and/or accept how energy came into being. The nature of energy is infinite and man’s mind is finite, even with a connection to the Collective Consciousness, there are not enough cells within the human mind to hold the knowledge of the nature of the source of energy.

What man did when language was formed, was to create a myth about the origins of the existence of humans. Since man cannot understand the origin of the source of the energy of life, it had to be (according to a human’s rational mind) someone or something else who created the universe, including all living things. Every culture created a supreme being or beings, and assigned it power. There were rituals assigned, along with ceremonies and rites, creating a formalized system with specialized roles.

Cultures eventually organized groups around belief systems about these supreme beings or being, each group deciding to be the one holding authority to dictate access and interpret information and knowledge received from this supreme source. From that man saw an opportunity for power and control. Yet real teachers, such as Jesus himself, was but a man who could access Universal Wisdom – and he was someone who shunned the organized religious system. His words have long since been altered through the highly edited document still used by religious institutions to this day.

Understanding the Nature of Energy: Positive and Negative

So man exists, in physical form now, still connected to the energy source of life. This energy source of life is sustained by the positive and negative spectrums.

The Positive Spectrum: Within this spectrum is the very best of mankind, from the great inventions, to the happy memories, to the very feelings of joy experienced.

All of the books and articles a person may read about personal self-development focus on well-being and the importance of a harmonious state of mind. These sources may emphasize mindfulness, gratitude, appreciation, joy, bliss, or so many other words and phrases associated with living a positive life. The purpose is to be or become a happy person, and by doing so, your life is supposed to become better, more balanced, and you may even be physically healthier.

The Negative Spectrum: Within this spectrum are all of the “bad” memories of mankind. This includes pain, hurt, regret, loss, suffering, or anything else man has endured, experienced, or suffered.

To try to understand the nature of man, one must truly understand the negative spectrum. Yet most people fear this subject or avoid the painful topics. Religions of all kind have established this spectrum as evil, and some religions have assigned a fallen angel or a red devil who resides in a fiery pit to it. This spectrum is the punishment for failing to live according to the standards established by a particular religious faith, or by a supreme being’s rules. This spectrum represents what would be called sin by these religious groups.

From a societal viewpoint, this is the reason why most laws have been made as the negative spectrum also represents what would be the crimes, the violent acts, or even disobeying the laws of society. It is the essence of doing everything that is considered to be “wrong” according to society.

Also within the negative spectrum are the emotions of sadness, despair, loneliness, and so on. When a person attunes to those frequencies, it means they do not connect with the guidance which is available to assist them, or they have intentionally chosen to avoid facing the reality of life around them – and they have found no other coping tools or strategies. When a person can no longer instinctually accept what religions teach, and have no other teachers yet available to guide them, they may attune to the negative spectrum and an emotion which is seen as less than desirable.

This is also true for someone who no longer wants to be controlled by society and then focuses on the negative spectrum, attuning to what might be viewed as breaking the laws in some manner. If a law is broken, it may be done as an act of defiance to speak out against a system of controls.

Both religions and society seek to control the actions and thoughts of mankind. It is all directed at keeping mankind in a positive spectrum, or doing the “right” thing. But many people do not act in this manner and this leads to campaigns, a war against various criminal activities, holy wars, world wars, and so on.

Seeking world peace really means seeking dominance by one particular society as no two cultures or religions will ever agree on how to define right and wrong, or who has authority from the supreme being. More importantly, world peace cannot occur as the nature of man cannot change.

Sustaining a Positive Mindset

This leads to the question about sustaining a positive mindset, or learning to attune your mind to that frequency at all times.

Every man, woman, and child are here in physical form with a plan for their life. This is challenging for many people to accept, that they are the ones who are responsible for their lives, but there was a plan created and it was foreseen in great detail.

Now in order for the energy source of life to be sustained, there must be positive and negative energy.

This knowledge is important. It means the world cannot and will not live in blissful peace, with everyone smiling, getting along, and never fighting among each other. There will always be conflict.

This is also important as it means mankind will always experience events, circumstances, memories, and more, which are negative in nature. No one will live and not experience something from the negative spectrum.

Just as the energy source of life needs negative energy, so too does the existence of each man, woman, and child. Does that mean someone chose to live a life existing fully within the negative spectrum, such as the life of a criminal, to fulfill their life’s plan? To answer that question would unravel so many teachings of religion it would be called heresy. Just know the balance of life requires positive and negative energy.

Can you stay in a blissfully positive frame of mind at all times? It is the pursuit of this question which has caused more unhappiness than happiness. Even if a person lived on a mountain top and had unlimited wealth, challenges would arise at some time.

Attunement Towards the Positive Spectrum

Instead of focusing on how to live in a state of bliss, develop an attunement towards the positive spectrum. Have an unwavering belief in yourself. Believe in what you are capable of, even when challenged. When negative events or circumstances occur, remember this is part of balancing energy. Use your positive beliefs, memories, love, and any other similar feelings to guide you. Then you will experience insight from Universal Wisdom, especially when reality seems so real to you.

The negative spectrum is very real and it is also very active from an energetic level, just as active as positive energy. Live your life by following your dreams and finding ways to allow Universal Wisdom to come through, whether in writing or something creative. The goal is not about the pursuit of happiness. The ultimate goal is about living your planned purpose and attuning to the Collective Consciousness source of life for guidance.

This is how you develop a positive outlook. Will you stay attuned to the positive spectrum even when challenged? As you become more practiced in attuning your focus, circumstances and events will not deter you for long. But do not be concerned if you find yourself focused on the negative spectrum at any time as it is a natural part of the process of balancing energy. It will happen not by doing what is expected or what is right, but what fulfills your plan and brings out the best in you every day.

I hope you Read and Believe in the power of your ability to learn the Laws of the Universe,

Dr. J

Important Note: These are notes taken while I am involved in focused thinking and connected to Collective Consciousness and Higher-Order Universal Wisdom. I have recorded and transcribed my notes, making them available to anyone interested in learning about Laws of the Universe.

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