Laws of the Universe: Who Am I Praying To?


Has life ever felt too unbearable for you? Have you reached a point where you believe nothing was going your way and you experienced utter hopelessness?

Do you look at the circumstances of your life now and wonder how it will ever get better, or if you will ever finally get a break? Or do you feel as if your life has now passed you by and all you have experienced are challenges and pain, and you want nothing more than to change every aspect of it – but do not know how to make it happen on your own?

There are many times in a person’s life when circumstances and events can cause deep feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and even despair. When this happens, there may be an inclination to turn within and withdraw, or reach out for help. I was raised in an environment as a young person where I was taught to pray and ask for divine assistance any time I needed help or guidance. I hoped this supreme being would be willing to listen to me and provide assistance, but I also knew I had to live according to certain conditions or else my prayers might go unanswered – or worse, I would be punished.

This idea of praying was so deeply engrained in me as a young person that being gay created deep conflict within me, so much so I spent my early adulthood hiding the truth and living a lie. I lived in fear of being punished and had fear of not having my prayers answered. Yet deep within me, I could feel something was not right about what I had been taught as I knew if I meditated, I could focus on something which allowed me to discover different truths. The problem was the information I gained during meditation was vastly different than the religious teachings I was given, especially as related to the idea of who the supreme being is, and it deepened my internal conflict.

The first set of mental barriers and limiting beliefs I had to remove were those involving my authentic self. I had to live my truth, which meant getting a divorce and coming out. This did not happen until I was in my 30s. It took me that long to finally overcome all of the rhetoric and demeaning language I had learned as an impressionable young person. This was not an easy time period in my life and it took a while to complete, but I did it and once I came out, I never looked back – and I never wanted to either.

The next step in my transformation was trying to understand what I was experiencing while I was meditating. I knew I was gaining insight and knowledge, but I did not understand what it was I was tapping into. I also never thought of it as meditating as I was not one to sit on a yoga mat and practice quiet reflection, but I do listen to ambient music and write in journals, which is my way of tapping into the limitless part of my mind. It was in my 40s when I discovered the Law of Attraction, and Law of Attraction teachers, and this propelled my next significant transformation – until I finally outgrew their teachings and readied myself to become a teacher of Laws of the Universe.

Now I understand what I have always been able to do naturally, which anyone can train themselves to do, and it is to tap into the Collective Consciousness of mankind and access Universal Wisdom. As a teacher of Laws of the Universe I now seek out knowledge to help answer questions I have about life, and I share this to help others who may also have the same questions.

Yet I still find myself faced with challenges in life, just as anyone might, and I wonder during those moments when someone believes they need divine assistance or help from a supreme being: Who is this people are praying to, especially if they believe their prayers are being answered?

I ask these important questions as I have come to understand the Laws of the Universe, and through this knowledge I know there isn’t a being who is dictating control of the source of life. Yet the idea of prayer and faith is so deeply engrained in mankind, I wanted to better understand its purpose.

Let me share with you now what I have learned about prayers, and prayers being answered, while I was connected to Universal Wisdom.

A universal truth is this: Mankind has been taught, through years of deep conditioning, not to trust the natural or instinctual voice that resides within, the voice which is the transmission or connection to the Collective Consciousness of all of mankind. Humans, for the most part, do not believe they can possess the wisdom or knowledge they need to address questions, problems, and challenges in their lives. More importantly, humans are kept from believing they can have direct access to the source of knowledge and wisdom needed to live their lives in a fulfilled and satisfying manner.

Being Taught to Be a Dependent Follower

Humans have been taught there must be an intermediary, or someone who can access this knowledge on their behalf. Those intermediaries consist of someone such as priests, pastors, shamans, spiritualists, popes, teachers, or anyone who puts themselves in a position of stating they have special access to a divine knowing, a special or unique understanding to life and the source of knowledge of life, or anyone else who claims to know the mysteries and answers to life.

For example, this could be a priest who states they are allowed to communicate with God for their followers, or a Law of Attraction teacher who claims to channel a higher source of knowledge or wisdom for their followers. Either way is presenting information via a perceived unique pathway as a chosen vessel, continuing the fallacy that humans must be loyal subjects and await their next outpouring of words.

But that is not how it should be. Anyone who can access Universal Wisdom and share it as a teacher, or with any other title, can have the most transformative impact by showing how everyone has access to this knowledge, not just a chosen or privileged few. But the conditioning and teaching practices are tightly held.

Developing Learned Helplessness

When humans do not trust they have the natural insight, knowledge, or wisdom, or they question what they instinctually know inside because they have been taught dependency for so long, humans may develop a sense of learned helplessness when faced with challenging situations and circumstances that cannot be easily resolved on their own. Some people may choose to ask family or friends for help or advice at that time, and this may or may not be helpful, depending upon the intent of the assistance provided.

Quite often the more people who become involved in helping a person who feels challenged and helpless, the more difficult it can become to see clearly while trying to find an answer or resolve an issue. This may ultimately lead to increased frustration.

Feeling Hopelessness and Needing to Pray

When a person is faced with a situation that is too great, feels too overwhelming, or is more than anyone else can possibly assist them with, this is when a sense of despair, depression, or even hopelessness may begin to set in. It is during this time when a person may feel inclined to pray in earnest, to even plead if the circumstances are dire or an answer is needed quickly. If a person believes they have not lived their life “right” or in accordance with what their religious institution prescribes, they may need to first repent and promise to never veer off course again. This is part of the conditioning for many faith-based religions, knowing there is a vengeful God.

Next, there may be some bartering or negotiating involved in the prayers, a promise made to do something if the prayer is answered quickly. This entire premise operates under the assumption that prayers work in this manner and that someone or something is in control of the universe, evaluating the requests of billions of people, to try to determine who is worthy, whose prayers should go unanswered or ignored, and who should be punished for not following the rules.

None of this is based in reality. It is part of religious conditioning, which has been handed down from one generation to the next, accepted without any questions. Yet when a person is in need, facing a challenge in their life, and they pray – what is that really doing for them? They are doing nothing other than waiting and hoping for a sign, or a miracle, or a resolution. This never teaches them they hold the knowledge within.

And when a person waits for a prayer to be answered, and they receive nothing, what happens at that point? This person may become even more frustrated, upset, and feeling hopeless. And all of this time, they could have accessed the Collective Consciousness and Universal Wisdom if they had known how to, and relieved their suffering much more quickly.

What Does Praying Really Mean?

What humans do not realize is this: When they pray, it is really their natural instinct trying to reach out to the Collective Consciousness of mankind, to access the knowledge and wisdom needed. But most humans are not taught they can actually do this and most do not know about it or believe it is even a possibility.

But it is a natural instinct. This is how the mind was programmed as it is still connected to the energy source of life. Humans were energy before coming forward in a physical form. While in a physical form, the energy source is still connected. But it is possible to create mental barriers to prevent natural or instinctual processes from occurring.

Here is an example: A person is facing a very challenging life crisis. There are many possible reactions taken. Here are two of the possible options which may be considered at this point.

Option #1. The person may feel a need to pray and seek divine assistance or help from a supreme being. They understand they may have to repent, try to barter as part of the process, and then ultimately they must wait for an answer or sign of the prayer being answered – if it will be answered at all.

Option #2. The person may believe in Law of Attraction and follow a teacher of Law of Attraction. This person knows that according to Law of Attraction, they must think thoughts of happiness and well-being to attract like thoughts. But they do not feel either at this point and under these circumstances. This teacher may also have this person believe they have to await source energy to align cooperative components to attract the right answers and open the pathway.

Both options create dependency on someone or something else, and ultimately teach helplessness, when the answers are within each and every person.

It’s Not Really About Who You Are Praying To

The act of praying itself can help to calm some people down and put them in a meditative state. If that happens, the natural innate connection to the source of life energy can flow, and access to wisdom is gained. There may be flashes of insight received during this state, which will make it feel as if the prayers were answered.

For both examples given above, praying to a supreme being or waiting on source energy, a person is waiting on someone or something to resolve their challenges. Answers may come about, but not as a result of praying to a supreme being or through source energy aligning cooperative components.

Answers are received when challenges are part of your plan, the life plan you have already created for your life and pre-planned ahead of time. You may also receive answers and wisdom for challenges in your life through insight, such as an “aha” moment, when you feel “I have an idea”, or something similar. It happens when a person turns inward and becomes quiet, often referred to as being sad or depressed. This is actually a quieting time, when a person only knows how to express what they are feeling through the use of prayers.

But it is not about who a person is praying to as this is a conditioned practice. It is a matter of learning to believe that anyone can have access to the wisdom and knowledge needed, any time it is needed, and the source of this information is available without restriction. The wisdom of all of mankind resides in the Collective Consciousness, stored in the source of life energy, which all humans have unrestricted access to at any time.

This is not to state that religious or Law of Attraction teachers do not have their place. Anyone who has wisdom to share can be of value to others, provided they share information rather than try to control it. No human needs to live in fear of being able to access the wisdom of man, or need anyone to access for them. There is no one supreme being controlling humans as religions teach. There is a source of life, one which is an energy source, and all humans are connected to it at all times. It is through this source that wisdom is accessed, received, and available to guide all humans.

When you feel challenged, do not be concerned with the method you use to find internal reflection. If you feel the need to pray, pray. But use your prayers not as pleading to a divine being but as a sense of tuning your internal vibration to the source of life energy, to seek the wisdom of mankind. It is then you will find answers and relief, without fear of being judged, controlled, or rejected for seeking this wisdom. You are part of the source of life, the energy of all of mankind. You are always worthy to receive the wisdom and knowledge of all of mankind, just as you are free to be and believe.

I hope you Read and Believe in the power of your ability to learn the Laws of the Universe,

Dr. J

Important Note: These are notes taken while I am involved in focused thinking and connected to Collective Consciousness and Higher-Order Universal Wisdom. I have recorded and transcribed my notes, making them available to anyone interested in learning about Laws of the Universe.

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