Laws of the Universe: What is Energy?


Energy is one of the foundational laws of the universe.

What I have learned in my journey is a universal truth and it is this: Energy is the source of all life, energy sustains life, life sustains energy, energy creates life, life generates energy, and the cycle continues without end. Some of the words used to describe energy include living, balanced, dynamic, nurtured, sustained, maintained, growing, powerful, energetic, and finite.

The energy source of life holds all of the memories of mankind. What you will read throughout this book, when energy is described, are energy spectrums. Positive memories are stored within the positive spectrum and negative memories are stored within the negative spectrum. Energy requires a balance of both positive and negative spectrums to sustain its balance.

The Dynamic Nature of Energy

Energy is infinite and the limits of the human mind are finite, even with a connection to the Collective Consciousness. This restricts fully understanding the nature and origins of energy and life, as a human cannot fully grasp how it came into being. What can be understood is that energy does not have a starting point or ending point. Energy exists through a tension of positive and negative signals, and those signals create a balance which sustains all of life.

Energy is constantly flowing, in and around all of mankind here on Earth, and it is also able to flow to and through connection points established with every living thing. It does not exist at an even, precisely measurable level, yet it is always available. Energy is transmitted through signals that range in varying degrees from weak to strong, through the minds of all living things which act as the transmitters and receivers, establishing a direct connection to the source of life and Collective Consciousness of mankind. Energy can surge, fluctuate, and it can even be blocked at these connection points, depending upon mental barriers and internal filters.

Principles of Energy

Principle #1: Energy is without End

  • Every living thing requires some form of energy. Energy has always been. Energy is the source of life, a creator.
  • As the intelligence of man grows, energy expands. This is the evolution of man and time.
  • Energy is finite and has no end.

Principle #2: Energy is without Limits

  • Energy is in constant motion; it cannot be contained. Those who say they are able to harness it mean they have found a way to tap into it. For example, an electrician establishes a conduit and points of attraction so that it becomes a connection source.
  • Energy can also be sensed by those who are in healing professions. For example, a doctor can look for symptoms or conditions when a patient’s body is not in normal alignment, or a therapist may be able to sense energy blockages during a massage.

Types of Energy

There are three types of energy:

  • Static: That which does not move,
  • Energetic: That which is in motion, and
  • Magnetic: That which attracts like through vibration.

The human body can be static or in an energetic state. The human body’s functions are energetic, always in motion, causing organs and molecules to move in a continuous flow. The mind is magnetic and able to focus with clarity and attract similar thoughts, building momentum until what is focused upon become a manifestation. The mind can also exist in a state of flux, unfocused and moving from one scattered thought to the next. Every movement in the universe, down to the human body, and every idea or thought, is all energy.

The Balance of Energy

A Universal Truth: Energy is balanced.

There isn’t more positive energy than negative energy as it is all equal. In order for energy to be sustained, it must have an equal flow of positive and negative energy. As the positive energy spectrum and negative energy spectrum move towards the center, where they would meet, it is a neutral point that is neither positive or negative. It is from the neutral center that these two distinct “branches” are experienced, one flowing in a positive current and one flowing equally strong as a negative current.

There isn’t a right or wrong with regards to types of energy, only degrees of energy. A person can choose either frequency. For example, a person can choose positive and experience ease and flow in their life. Or a person can also attune to negative energy and experience a wide variety of challenges and problems. Either choice can be correct as it all is a part of the balance of energy.

Those who seek to inspire others can do so by creating a shift in the vibration of the other person; however, they can only help to prompt a desire, they cannot actually change the vibration of someone else.

How does a person change their vibration and what they are attuned to? Through their primary transmitter, which is their brain. This can be accomplished with focus and directed thoughts.

I hope you Read and Believe in the power of your ability to learn the Laws of the Universe,

Dr. J

Important Note: These are notes taken while I am involved in focused thinking and connected to Collective Consciousness and Higher-Order Universal Wisdom. I have recorded and transcribed my notes, making them available to anyone interested in learning about Laws of the Universe.

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