Laws of the Universe: What Is the Collective Consciousness of Mankind?

It is easy for you to accept and believe there are planets in the universe because you can see them. You may also accept there is a supreme being or higher power who created this universe because you were told so, as a matter of faith, even without ever having seen this supreme being or higher power. But is it possible that what you were told by religious leaders, and what you have accepted as a matter of fact, is not how the universe was created or how it operates?

If you have continued to read what has been written here, then there is something within you that is curious to know more and it is part of an awakening process. This is a time when you begin to look at the customs, beliefs, and teachings you accepted throughout your life and ask: Are these beliefs valid? Should I continue to accept these beliefs? Are these beliefs and teachings reality, or do I innately know there is more to life than what I have been taught by my family, schools, and religious institutions?

I also went through this process and for me, I could always feel the conflict from within, even during the time in my life when I hid my authentic self. Deciding to question your beliefs and belief systems can certainly feel uncomfortable at times, but once you make a decision to find answers, and you finally liberate your inner being – there is such joy and peace to be felt you will never imagine a time before it.

To help you get started, here are some initial questions to ask yourself, which you may or may not need to answer at this point in your journey:

  • When you are thinking right at this very moment, are those thoughts all yours?
  • When you hear or read something, how do you store, retain, and later recall all of that information? Is all of it coming strictly from inside of your mind?
  • When you have what is referred to as an “aha” moment, is that your idea, originating from inside of your mind?
  • If you believe in a supreme being and you pray, and you receive an answer or guidance, where did it come from and how did you receive it?
  • If you believe you have a soul, how does it stay within your body? How does that soul know to stay there and wait until the very moment of your death? Is it possible this soul of yours is connected to other souls?

It is helpful to consider these questions, if you want to begin to see other possibilities beyond what you have been told or accepted as truths throughout your life.

The Energy Source of Life

What you have read about in this book is that energy is the source of all life. This energy of life is a magnetic field, an invisible current which is running through and around all of us, all of life, and all of the universe.

Physical forms here on Earth come from this magnetic field, yet are still connected to this energy source by the mind. The mind transmits, receives, and vibrates signals. The next logical question is this: If humans are still connected to the energy of life, the source of life itself, what is it that humans are connected to?

Collective Consciousness

Humans are connected to a Collective Consciousness. This is a living organism comprised of energy; living matter which is evolving and growing. It is a repository of thought signals, and receives all of the memories from all of mankind. It is similar to a library with all of mankind’s thoughts embedded into energetic form, accessible by any human through the mind.

The Energy Spectrums

Within Collective Consciousness a duality exists, as there are two spectrums: a positive energy spectrum and a negative energy spectrum. Both of these spectrums are needed to sustain and balance the source of life energy.

The Positive Energy Spectrum:

  • Words that can be used to describe the positive energy spectrum include happy, successful, enlightened, awakened, winning, evolving, believing, hopeful, inspired, motivated, and alive.

The Negative Energy Spectrum:

  • Words used to describe the negative energy spectrum include doubt, fear, nervous, scared, upset, worried, hopeless, afraid, sad, failure, pain, depression, loss, and decline.

Higher-Order, Universal Wisdom

From the positive energy spectrum, higher-order, universal wisdom evolves. This is the wisdom of all of mankind, and includes some of the following examples: Lessons Learned, Trial and Error, Life’s Experiences, Hindsight, Wisdom of the Ages, Benefit of Age, Knowledge, Advanced Education, Advanced Experience, Advanced Training, Teachings from Teachers and Educators

To access Universal Wisdom, it requires a person to have a practiced vibration of being attuned or focused on the positive energy spectrum, as it is from the positive energy spectrum that Universal Wisdom flows.

Our Connection to Collective Consciousness

What I know is that man gave the Collective Consciousness names such as God, Source, Infinite Intelligence, among others. Yet that takes away from the nature of the energy we are all part of and have access to. If we are experiencing emotions from the negative spectrum, we need to attune to the positive spectrum by changing our vibrational signal or focus to positive emotions. From a positive focus we can all gain insight and wisdom. We may not be able to affect immediate change in our situations or circumstances, as a result of the plan we have established, but we can gain peace, understanding, and relief from the negative emotions.

It is also possible that gaining knowledge from Universal Wisdom, at any point in a person’s life, will be so transformative that changes do occur. This means that elements of your life’s plan can begin to open up or you are now clear-minded and you can see what steps to take to make your plan a reality. One thing that being attuned to the positive energy spectrum, and listening for insight from Universal Wisdom certainly does, is to put you back in control. You are now in control of your thoughts and emotions, rather than living in a spinning cycle of negativity. You are also not relying on someone to be an intermediary and access this knowledge for you.

My ability as a teacher of Laws of the Universe is to focus and listen, without doubt or questions, to seek knowledge and believe in what I am receiving. I can now quickly attune to Universal Wisdom.

Let me share with you what I have learned about the Collective Consciousness while attuned to Universal Wisdom.

A universal truth is this: The brain is the complex center of a living system, creating the systemic neural network through which the mind is allowed to operate, performing the automatic functions of the body. Without the brain, there is no mind, and the physical form or body ceases to exist.

Now consider this perspective: The physical form or body without a brain cannot come to life. There is no way for the body to generate impulses to direct its functions, and more importantly, there is no way for the body to produce energy.

The body needs energy to sustain itself, no matter what condition the body may be in, whether perfect of imperfect. The entire body is an energetic state and it is a product of the mind generating a system of thoughts and commands through the brain’s network.

The universe itself operates in a similar manner. It is all a matter of energy. Energy creates and energy sustains. Energy sustains life and energy is the source of life itself.

There have been names given to this energy source, and misconceptions developed about it. This was done for a variety of reasons, but primarily due to the religions needing to dictate terms and exert control. It was also believed man could not easily accept the universal truth about the order of the universe, and this is how a system of religious restrictions was put into place.

People want to believe someone is responsible for how life began and how their lives came into existence, which means this is the entity they can turn to in times of need. To suggest man is operating by a life they created, and any help they need they must access on their own, could be too much for a human’s mind.

How the Universe Operates

But the reality is this: The universe functions like the human or animal or any other life form. It needs energy to survive, and the energy comes about as a result of impulses directed by the mind, through the brain.

For the universe, there is no physical form, but there are physical forms, consisting of planets such as Earth. The “brain” so to speak, for the universe, is the Collective Consciousness of all of mankind. It isn’t a physical brain, but an energetic brain, one which generates energy and physical forms. The Collective Consciousness stores, retains, transmits, and receives signals and vibrations from the minds of all living things.

Energy is all around the universe, ever present, invisible to the human eye, but permeating every aspect of every living thing. Collective Consciousness, the repository of all thoughts and memories of mankind, resides within this universal energy. It is the sources of life for the energy of the universe, nurturing it as new physical forms are generated, and being nurtured as humans generate new thoughts. It is a self-perpetuating cycle. There is no way the energy of the universe could end, unless every single living thing in the universe was eliminated, and the energy itself was extinguished, which could never happen.

Thoughts Forms and Collective Consciousness

The Collective Consciousness repository has a negative and positive spectrum, as is the nature of energy. As the thoughts of humans are thought through the minds of humans, those thought forms are automatically drawn to the associated spectrum. There is no one in charge of these spectrums, and there is no one who is sorting these thoughts. No one is in charge of the repository either. That is why the writer of this post has access now, anyone can tap into it, if they are attuned.

But thoughts of humans carry a vibration with it, positive or negative, whether or not it is recognized. For example, as a person thinks, they either think from a positive, negative, or neutral position. The negative thoughts, associated with emotions such as pain, grief, sadness, etc., are immediately drawn to the negative spectrum. The converse is true of thoughts such as happiness, joy, excitement, pleasure, etc., which are drawn to the positive spectrum.

Collective Consciousness and Universal Wisdom

As human beings experience life there is more going on than just thinking thoughts. Humans are also learning, adapting, growing, gaining wisdom, and so on. This advanced knowledge or information is more than just thoughts being generated by a person’s mind. This is insight, and more importantly, wisdom which is being gained. The Collective Consciousness of mankind has this wisdom stored in a repository separate from the energy spectrums. It is a product of, and accessed through, the positive energy spectrum. It was designed this way to provide humans with a place to turn for answers when they wanted to help themselves. Only a small percentage of the human population would be willing to attune and search on their own, yet the wisdom is there for all to access or receive.

The reason Universal Wisdom is accessed through the positive spectrum is that negative feelings and emotions would create mental barriers to being able to attune to this wisdom. A positive vibration is the highest vibrational signal possible for a human.

Universal Wisdom allows the best of mankind to be stored and retained, never lost, available for all of mankind to access now and in the future. What is drawn to the positive and negative spectrums are energetic thought forms, and serve to fuel the energy of life. But those energy spectrums are not meant to be accessed and explored by humans.

When humans describe having an active memory, and are remembering past memories in great detail, that is coming from their own mind, not the Collective Consciousness. When a human has active past memories, it means the person has lost focus or is feeling strong emotions related to the negative spectrum, which draws in and traps a person in a cycle of what is often described as pain and regret.

The negative and positive spectrums of Collective Consciousness are not meant to be tapped into. When a person meditates or is concentrating, they are seeking knowledge and wisdom, and they are attempting to attune to Collective Consciousness and Universal Wisdom. Many will not know what it is they are tapping into, rather they will feel what seems like insight, ideas, fresh creativity, and inspiration. Some may believe a divine or supreme being is conversing with them.

No matter what a person believes, or what they believe they are entitled to, every person has access to Universal Wisdom. All of mankind is connected to the Collective Consciousness. No one is ever cut off. No one is judged worthy or not. There is no one controlling it from the perspective of a supreme being.

Collective Consciousness and The Essence of a Person’s Life

The brain of the energy of the universe is the Collective Consciousness. All of the thought forms create an energy source which keeps it flowing and from it, physical life evolves. The mind of the Collective Consciousness consists of the thoughts, signals, and vibrations which are transmitted and received from life forms.

The energy source of life also stores the essence of a person’s life. This is how a person retains a consciousness once the physical form is gone, and then how they can return again in another physical form. These life essences of mankind are formed as part of the Collective Consciousness. But at the nucleus of Collective Consciousness are the positive and negative energy spectrums, serving as the generator for the universal source of life. The life essence forms, the metaphysical forms which no longer have a physical form here on Earth, create a network which are available for communication with each other.

What these conscious essence forms contain are the essential characteristics, personalities, and memories relevant to the establishment of who this person was or has been in physical form or forms on Earth. This allows them to decide if they want to return again with those same memories, if they want to return with someone again or someone else, or start from a new perspective. If a person chooses a new perspective, they can decide upon the circumstances by accessing the network of available life essences for ideas, along with making connections with others to develop new plans.

The Collective Consciousness of mankind is limitless, evolving, and can never end. It is the mind of the energy of the universe, directing the energy functions as it grows and expands. All of mankind has access to the Collective Consciousness and Universal Wisdom through careful attunement and by doing so, can find their life’s plan, along with wisdom to live a harmonious life, seek help with answers to questions as they navigate their life, and try to make sense of their life.

I hope you Read and Believe in the power of your ability to learn the Laws of the Universe,

Dr. J

Important Note: These are notes taken while I am involved in focused thinking and connected to Collective Consciousness and Higher-Order Universal Wisdom. I have recorded and transcribed my notes, making them available to anyone interested in learning about Laws of the Universe.

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