Laws of the Universe: Who Is Controlling the Universe?


If you stop to consider how the planets are operating within the vast solar system, and then how life is sustained here on planet Earth, it would seem to our human, logical mind that this has all been planned out and then carefully managed. But the question most people would ask is this: Who has planned it and who is managing it? Who is in control of the universe and all of life?

Most people would respond quickly and state that God, or some other supreme being, is the one who is in control and dictates the order of the universe and even our lives, based upon a master plan. Those who follow Law of Attraction teachers may simply state the universe is in control, or source is controlling people and events. In other words, some divine being or higher power is responsible for determining how all of our lives are planned and how the world evolves. And most people seem to be content with this way of thinking as it is handed down from one generation to the next.

In religious institutions, there is a sacred book which remains unchanged to this day and is the resource that provides the evidence of who is controlling the universe. This again is accepted by followers, even if the basis of the sacred book could be easily called into question for its lack of credibility and authenticity, with regard to how it was put together, how it was edited, the purpose for which it was put together, and its lack of relevance for today’s people. People still to this day believe it is the final authority and they also willingly accept someone else is above and below them in mythical existences, either exerting control or attempting to influence them for their evil purposes.

But as a teacher of the Laws of the Universe, I have come to learn new truths about the order of our lives, the universe, and even our very existence. I know about the nature of the source of life energy, yet I still have questions about the involvement of this life energy in the development of the plans for each of our lives. I want to know how actively involved this energy of life source is when it comes to managing the universe and all of life. I wanted to see if I could gain clarity while connected to Collective Consciousness about the issue of control and answer the question: Who is controlling the universe? I will share with you what I have learned.

A universal truth is this: Mankind has a consciously finite ability to think, and a subconscious infinite ability to vibrate or attune. The finite conscious ability to think means that man must rationalize, analyze, consider, weight, evaluate, and work through information being processed in the mind. At a conscious level, man cannot consider a life without control of any form as it defies the logical or rational thinking. Of course some humans can train themselves to become less conscious oriented, which means they become more subconscious or intuitive oriented, allowing their thinking to originate not from the rational or logical mind but from the subconscious fully attuned mind.

The subconscious fully attuned mind is connected to the Collective Consciousness and higher order Universal Wisdom. Someone who is called intuitive has become less logical or rational minded and more focused on receiving wisdom from Collective Consciousness. This writer is receiving direct wisdom from Universal Wisdom now through a practiced habit of turning off the rational mind, and just allowing wisdom to flow through without any reservations, hesitation, bias, or filters.

While in this attuned state of mind, it is possible to think of the universe just functioning on its own and without any direct help. But the logical or rational mind, with its finite limitations, must have a reason for the existence and ongoing operation of the universe.

Control of the Universe

There is no need to control the universe because every element of the universe is related to energy. The source of life energy is the energy which is nurtured by mankind and in turn nurtured by all of life. There is an unending cycle of new physical life coming forward, the energy nurturing Collective Consciousness and causing it to expand, and physical forms being shed. It is a perpetual cycle. Each person in energetic form decides their physical form prior to arrival, and all components of the plan are aligned. The plan happens not because someone is in control, but because humans are in control.

The universe needs no control as it is perpetually sustained and nurtured, never running out of life or energy. Humans begin as energy, make plans, make arrangements for those plans, and then extend their energy into part physical and part energetic forms. There is no supreme being or higher power in control. All humans, or all of mankind, have contributed to the sustenance of the universe in some manner. The idea of control is only a human one. Only humans think in terms of control. The universe exists as it is, without needing help or assistance. It is supported and nurtured by the energy of life, which is all around and within all living things.

Man’s View of the Universe

The idea of a universe not needing to be controlled can be quite chaotic for many humans. It would seem that could not possibly be or else the entire planetary system as we know it would be in sheer chaos. More importantly, if no one is in control of the universe, who do humans turn to when they need help with their lives? How can they find answers to important questions? Who do they pray to during dark times or times which are exceedingly challenging?

Those who can switch to a more intuitive or open mind will discover they have an ability to be in control of their lives. They can attune, look for clues about the plan for their lives, and no longer need to seek help from someone else or a higher power.

Humans want to know about order in the universe when they are taught to depend upon a supreme being, but they find their lives are not going well and they feel nothing but a sense of helplessness. That loss of control feels so bad it would seem there is no way possible the universe could be run this way. But the bad feeling of being helpless is really not about control of the universe, its about being dependent upon someone else to create your life. The truth is that only you have the power to create your life’s plan. If you are seeking answers about life, you will need to learn to look within first.

What this means is going beyond the logical or rational mind. Or first applying the logical and rational mind to the information you have accepted as truths all of your life. Ask yourself about the supreme being you have been told who runs the universe. Can this possibly be true? Ask yourself why you have accepted so many religious teachings as truths without stopping to consider if these were in fact truths.

Once you can begin to question what you hold to be truths, you can then begin to allow yourself to turn within to seek answers. Instead of looking outward or to someone else to help you with your life, you will look for ways to solve the problems, issues, and challenges you are facing by listening for the insight and wisdom you have access to at any time. When you can accept that you are connected to the source of life, and have access to the wisdom of mankind, your life will begin to change. You will not need to look for someone else in charge. The universe is you; living, breathing, energy.

I hope you Read and Believe in the power of your ability to learn the Laws of the Universe,

Dr. J

Important Note: These are notes taken while I am involved in focused thinking and connected to Collective Consciousness and Higher-Order Universal Wisdom. I have recorded and transcribed my notes, making them available to anyone interested in learning about Laws of the Universe.

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  1. Ralph Nyadzi says:

    Your thoughts have challenged me to think more about these things. Thanks so much. I intend to keep coming back.


    1. Dr. J says:

      Thank you for visiting my website and reading this post. I hope you continue to be inspired. Dr. J

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