Laws of the Universe: What Does It Mean to Grieve?

Laws of the Universe: What Does It Mean to Grieve?

When you have experienced the loss of someone or something close to you, or you have felt a time of sadness so deep and personal, and the only way you could describe it was to explain it as pain, you are likely experiencing grief. Almost everyone has experienced this type of grief in their life, whether they have lost a loved one, family member, close friend, or even a cherished pet. Any time we bond with another living being, and we lose this physical connection or relationship due to death, it can create a deep void.

I have experienced grief in my life. One was the significant loss of a parent, and the other was the passing of a beloved family pet, which may seem insignificant to some, yet this furry friend was a loving being who gave love unconditionally. One loss occurred as a result of tragedy, and circumstances I could not begin to imagine. The other was a decision my spouse and I had to make because of our pet’s declining health, and a mutual agreement was reached with our veterinary physician.

What happens during a time of grief is a period when the world may seem out of focus, when emotions are felt deeply, and there may be a range of thoughts from sadness to loneliness, or from guilt to shame during this period, until a sense of becoming clear-minded can occur once again. It is not possible to predict how long a period of grieving will last as it is individual in nature, and the cause of the loss or event also determines how long the recovery will take. Those who remain focused on the past and refuse to look forward usually find it takes even longer to recover.

I am an educator and teacher, not a licensed psychologist or counselor, yet I have studied how adults learn, along with cognition, the development of belief systems, and basic psychology. What I have learned, through my studies and interactions with students, is how the nature of grief can change a person. It is almost as if a person is wearing a mask for a period of time, as they do not feel themselves or appear to others to be the same person. Anyone who is trying to help someone who is grieving may feel rejected or unable to reach through to them, and the reason why is simply that this is a deeply reflective state. It is also a personal time, which may be difficult to express.

As a teacher of Laws of the Universe, I have already come to understand there is energy associated with grief, as there is with all emotions. Within the source of life energy there are positive and negative energy spectrums. It seems as if grief would be associated with negative energy as there are no happy or joyous feelings associated with it. Yet I cannot imagine how grief is the same type of negative energy as anger and hate. Those are destructive and often violent forms of energy.

Then as I have been connected to Universal Wisdom and sought to learn more about this subject, I have begun to understand there are different types of negative energy. The forms of negative energy already mentioned, anger and hate, that energy is associated with intentional, negative energy streams. In contrast, grief is an unintentional, internalized negative energy, something which a person can experience growth from in time, use as a learning opportunity, and eventually transform as healing and renewal take place over time.

I found this knowledge of different forms of negative energy streams to be enlightening, and I wanted to learn more since I too have experienced grief, and I wanted to help others. I will share with you more about what I have learned as I have connected to Collective Consciousness and Universal Wisdom, about different forms of negative and positive energy, and the Law of the Duality of Energy.

A universal truth is this: Human beings consist of energy, it is why each and every human is in existence, because of having energy. Energy serves as a power source, that which fuels and transforms the physical form. The source of that energy is the source of life energy, what or who some would call source, God, the Divine, or other names to infer a Supreme Being.

But energy exists and always has existed. Energy is intelligent, it is not just a random blob that is pulsating at will. This is why the cells within a human’s body are able to carry a program and a code, and why a human body can go through a life cycle.

The Human Body

So too the human body has a brain, the center of the energy within a human’s body, helping to direct and control many of the bodily functions. The brain operates on energy, without any direct input from a human, as it relies upon its connection to the source of life and a connection to the Collective Consciousness. And within the brain of a human are energetic currents, flowing to and through, allowing a human to experience its environment as sensations, feelings, and emotions. All of these elements are energetic in nature.

Energy as a Stream

Just as energy itself is balanced by positive and negative energy, to keep it sustained, so too is every energy stream. Every energy stream, like an electrical current, is balanced with a positive and a negative current. The two spectrums must be present in order for energy to exist.

Now consider the emotional state of a human. There are positive and negative emotions available, and within every human. Every person is going to have both currents of emotions within them, as energy cannot exist without them. These emotions are energetic in nature and they are also experienced energetically. This means a person can never ascend to a state where negative emotions have been eradicated from their being. It can never happen.

  • The positive emotions could be experienced as joy, happiness, bliss, excitement, appreciation, gratitude, peace, contentment, and anything else related, which elicits feelings of intense well-being within a person. It is the best of all feelings.
  • The negative emotions are those which elicit the worst feelings, such as hate, fear, dread, anger, rage, killing, punishment, and the list continues.

But not all emotions experienced by a human are clear cut as to being the best or the worst. The question about grief is a good example and the notation about grieving not equal to hate is correct.

When a human is experiencing grief, it is a negative emotion, but from an internalized state rather than a position of provoked emotion and one directed towards someone else. This introduces the Law of the Duality of Energy.

The Law of the Duality of Energy

Energy is positive and negative. Yet it is further divided by another duality. This is where the law can provide clarification. The distinction has to do with the manner in which the emotion was brought about to begin with.

An emotion of grief is generally brought about by loss. A person experiences the absence of someone or something, and does not know how to adjust to this new reality. This is when the grieving starts. This is negative energy as it is generally not productive.

Now consider an emotion of hate. This is a very strong current, usually one which has been cultivated over time, and directed at someone, something, or a group of people. It is extremely negative and unproductive. It is also internalized but very self-damaging, and it only worsens the longer it goes on.

In contrast, grief tends to improve in time as coping mechanisms are found, whether by finding natural insight and wisdom, or relying on the strength of others. But this shows that even within positive and negative energy, there are dual natures as well.

  • Within the positive energy spectrum there is the Positive Sustained Energy and the Positive Replaced Energy.
  • Within the negative energy spectrum, there is the Negative Sustained Energy and the Negative Replaced Energy.

Sustained Energy: This is inclusive of practiced emotions. It involves practiced patterns of feeling happy, miserable, lonely, sad, hate, angry, the victim, or any recurring emotions. These emotions can change, but it does take time and concentrated focus.

Replaced Energy: These are the emotions which are experienced daily and are short-term in nature. For example, a person can feel happy on Monday, but on Tuesday they are feeling down. The person has experienced Replaced Energetic emotions. As another example, this week a person lost a friend and now they begin grieving for a few weeks.

This person is experiencing the start of Negative Replaced Energy, until the grieving period is passed. Replaced Energy emotions are not practiced long enough to be sustained into a chronic energetic state. These short-term emotions allow a person to learn and to grow, even if it only means learning to get out of a bad mood for a day.

If a person is not getting stuck in a particular energetic emotional cycle, they can be more aware of how they are feeling, provided their emotions are not going from high to low every day. The idea of being able to learn from grief comes not from the emotional energetic experience, but from the time when the person is finally able to listen for insight and wisdom during a time of loss.

Guidance During Grief

During grief, there is a lot of attention put onto the memories of who or what was lost, which creates a mental barrier. This does not cut the person off from their connection to the Collective Consciousness, but it can be distracting. A person can receive insight and clarity at any point, happy or sad, if they are willing to stop and listen.

Those with a religious upbringing may pray and seek guidance from a Supreme Being. When insight arrives, it appears their prayers were answered. What actually happened is the person quieted their thoughts long enough for wisdom to come in. Though waiting on a higher power to do something may cause even more disconnection when the answer needs to come from within, rather than from someone or something else.

Relief from Grieving

So when grief has found a person, the first step towards improving a person’s state of being is acknowledging that negative energy exists and resides in all of us. In other words, do not fear the feeling of grief. You can embrace the human, natural emotion of grief, as long as you understand there is wisdom available to you and inside of you.

Then the quickest way to move from a Negative Replaced emotion, to something positive or a feeling of a positive energetic emotion, is to reflect not on the loss itself of the person or whatever or whoever it was that is now gone, but the joy of the of the being that was in your life. This creates positive energy and positive emotions, which then creates or begins a process of internal change. Now you can start to think in a positive frame of reference, and then you can refocus your mind and thoughts towards a new reality. This will allow wisdom to flow to you and through you.

Your purpose in life is to live a fulfilled life and you do this by living and experiencing a wide range of energetic emotions, both positive and negative. To be human is to know how to feel both positive and negative emotions. To awaken and be enlightened is to transform negative energetic emotions to a positive state, rather than allow chronic patterns of negative energy to set in.

When you can experience emotions and transform them, you are then able to learn from what you feel. This is also how you can gain the most clarity and insight from the Collective Consciousness of mankind and Universal Wisdom, as you are now attuned and listening, ready for growth, healing, recovery, and receiving insight about the plan you have created for your life. Yes you may grieve as it is natural, but in your grief you can find joy, and when you do you will be transformed.

I hope you Read and Believe in the power of your ability to learn the Laws of the Universe,

Dr. J

Important Note: These are notes taken while I am involved in focused thinking and connected to Collective Consciousness and Higher-Order Universal Wisdom. I have recorded and transcribed my notes, making them available to anyone interested in learning about Laws of the Universe.

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