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Laws of the Universe: Discover How to Overcome Self-Doubt

Is there anything holding you back right now? If you wanted to set any goal in your life, or in your career, do you believe you could accomplish it without any hesitation?

My career has not only included work with Laws of the Universe, I have also been an educator and career coach, as it has always been natural for me to want to help others achieve their goals and improve their lives. What I can tell you about the natural answers to those questions is this: a majority of people would answer with a positive response, yet it would also include some type of condition attached to it. I have met very few people who would feel comfortable believing they could set any goal and just begin to work towards it. Have you heard of an expression, “the struggle is real”? For many people, the struggle is real.

I know the natural, human reaction is to think from a limited perspective. If you follow the news, regardless of the format you choose to stay current, you develop an awareness of the scarcity and shortage of many resources in the world. You also become acutely aware of those who are in need, and why should you want for more when there are so many other people who live a disadvantaged life?

But the problem of failing to achieve the goals a person has set, along with the fear of dreaming too big, goes much deeper than just the development of a shortage mindset. Many people just do not know how to bridge the gap between where they are now, and the life they would like to have or thought about living one day. The distance between the two not only seems too great, as a person gets older, it becomes even greater and harder to imagine crossing.

Over time, a person eventually becomes entrenched in the idea of feeling hopeless, frustrated, constrained, restricted, limited, and caught in an endless cycle of hope, belief, and desire – until one day it all turns to unrest and a sense of despair. This is why many people have what is considered to be a mid-life crisis, or why many people later in life just seem to have given up in their dreams, when they no longer believe they can ever reach for their dreams. Their self-doubt has simply taken over their thoughts, and any hope for a better future cannot shine through.

For people who still have a sense of hope, or a belief it is possible to one day have a better life in some manner, these are people who will seek out coaching, mentoring, personal self-development resources, spiritual teachers, and others who may be able to help provide guidance. It is then people learn about living a purpose, developing a dream and creating a vision, living a meaningful life, creating abundance, experiencing ease and a natural flow in their lives, and achieving a sense of renewal. It involves making a transformation from hope and desire, to living and experiencing life with unlimited resources being readily available and feeling a peaceful sense of well-being.

Yet to transform from a life of difficulty to sheer perfection requires a significant change from a personal and spiritual perspective. This is why visualization and thinking thoughts about a new life alone will never change anything. There has to be an energetic shift which occurs from within a person. More importantly, a change can only occur when a person begins to realize they are the reason the change occurs.

This is a difficult lesson for many people to accept, and the reason why many are still trying to figure out how to bridge the gap between a life of struggle and a life of ease. Even as a teacher of Laws of the Universe, I cannot state I have made a complete transformation to a fully perfect state yet, as I am still learning myself. This is the journey I am still on, and as I learn I can share with others to help them learn. It is also possible the journey will not end as lifelong learning is part of continued evolving.

Where I am at in my journey is having learned how to control my thoughts so I can attune to the Collective Consciousness of mankind, readily and easily. This took time and practice, and as I can teach others to accomplish this state of mind, they can learn to do this as well, and they too can reach the wisdom and insight which is readily available for anyone to receive. It is through receiving this knowledge and wisdom I, and anyone who wants to learn, can discover how to bridge the gap between the life lived and the life dreamed about or desired.

This is what I wanted to focus on more as I connected with the Collective Consciousness. I will share with you what I have learned about letting go of self-doubt, to help you bridge the divide between reality and your dreams.

A universal truth is this: Every human being has a perception of the reality they are living now, and this perception can change based upon how well the needs, wants, and desires of the person are being met. But even in an environment which others may be envious of and label perfection, from a perceptual point of view, it may still be viewed as a trap and the worst life possible to another person, if this person feels unfulfilled, incomplete, or unsatisfied in some manner.

This is the nature of reality. Reality is not really real as it can be described in endless ways by humans, as every human has a unique point of view. This point of view can also become laser focused to the point it becomes stuck in one direction. This is what many people would call being hard-headed or opinionated. A person can develop a viewpoint of life and the world and refuse to see it any other way. And so, this is the basis of reality for every human being.

Some of the viewpoints are taught as a child, some learned by the influence of those who surround a person, from childhood through adulthood, along with affiliations chosen as part of a person’s life. All of these factors play into and shape how a person sees their reality. Most often people see, feel, and are taught the current reality of life is grim, dire, broken, needs to be fixed, repaired, restored, or any other phrase which may tend to increase feelings of hopelessness about the present.

Many people will look at the current reality, or life around them, and feel a sense of unhappiness. When there is so much negativity surrounding a person, in the news, on the television, or anywhere else, it is a reminder of what is lacking in the world. This may translate into what is lacking in a person’s bank account, home, life, career, or anything else personal in nature. This can happen even if a person has most of what they want out of life. If someone is surrounded by negativity, or taught the world is broken, then this person is going to look for flaws in their own life. This leads to negative feelings.

Now this person will begin to feel frustration, despair, constrained, restrained, held back, limited, and it can all become overwhelming. Then if the person subscribes to some form of inspiration, whether religious, motivational, or therapeutic, there may be some relief felt or experienced on a temporary basis. This creates a cycle of hope, perhaps belief, and then when nothing changes, a return to frustration or worse, despair.

Looking to the Future

With all of this attention placed on the lack of what is desired in a person’s life or career in the present, it creates a strong desire or need for future changes. The future is a dream or a vision. It represents living in a fulfilled manner, without any sense of shortage, lack, or limitations, paving the way for a truly meaningful life.

The future is the ultimate symbol of hope when reality seems bleak or something is missing now in the present. It represents a new start, a chance to do something different, create a better life, make changes, and have what has been desired for so long. For many people, when they think of the future, it is in terms of what is owed to them, what is needed or wanted, and more importantly, the acquisition of what has been worked towards or earned.

Moving from reality to the future is the promise of hope, a better life, and improved results. The question involves how to get from reality to the desired future. When the future remains a dream, or it doesn’t happen quick enough, frustration and negative emotions can set in. The longer this level of unfulfillment is experienced, the more chronic the negative mindset will continue.

When examining the root cause, there are many reasons why the future is so important. While a person may state it has to do with a particular reason, such as a better job, the underlying reason may be a different matter. Examples of underlying reasons include:

  • Few people live a fully empowered life, which means they decide how they are going to live out each day, unrestricted. The future is an opportunity to change this way of living, or at least it may appear so.
  • Many people want to make up for past mistakes, overcome what they believe is a bad life which has been given to them, or simply escape from everything in the present. The future gives a sense of hope.

The fact is, the worse a person’s reality may seem now, the more important a future becomes to them.

Seeking Help to Find a New Future

When a person wants to find a way to make the dream of a new future come true, it is possible they will seek help or guidance. Examples of those who may offer help include:

  • In the realm of spirituality self-help, Law of Attraction has become the magic cure or quick fix. It has been taught as the quick jump from reality to the new desired future, through thoughts or visualization. Some teachers may use vague phrases (ready to be ready) to placate followers.

But quick fixes rarely work. And when they don’t, followers keep coming back for more, usually receiving the same message again, always hoping it will eventually work. More importantly, when quick fixes do not work, which means a magic jump from reality to the future, it only reinforces the idea of a better life being out of reach or in control by someone or something else.

  • If a person seeks out motivational speakers or writers, the message may vary from working on the state of mind to the need to face reality. But having to face anything sounds like a person is standing before a firing squad. In other words, it is a negative frame of reference. Others may discuss self-actualization or preparing to find your purpose in life.

These strategies can be helpful, if your mindset is in a positive frame of reference at that time. But if you are desperate to get to a new future, self-improvement isn’t going to sit well at this time.

  • New age teachers may talk about living in the now, which goes to another extreme, by almost tuning out the future.
  • If a person should seek out religious teachers for guidance, they may hear about a divine plan, you “sow what you reap” or getting what is deserved, or to pray for the will of a supreme being to be done for your life.

But how can anyone feel good about their now or later, if it is assigned to them, controlled by someone or something else, or never comes to fruition, which means their life never improves or is realized?

How to Live a Fulfilled Life

Instead of being concerned with how quickly you can get out of the present, and into the future, humans who live fulfilled are those who: Live Your Current Reality.

A person is meant to experience life exactly as it is being lived now. What is being felt, should be felt. What a person has or does not have, is exactly as it should be now. There are no mistakes. Living this current reality is part of the process of learning and growing. To be so future focused is to forget the power you possess to gain insight and wisdom. You are not here on this Earth as a human body all on your own. You are part physical body and part energetic form.

Even the human body is comprised of energy itself as it takes living matter and turns it into what appears to be a solid body. The energetic nature of a human occurs through the mind, and this is how every human retains a connection to the Collective Consciousness of mankind. It is through the Collective Consciousness that every human can receive insight from Universal Wisdom. No one is cut off. This is the order of life. And you came into this physical form with a life already planned, knowing in advance how and what you would learn.

How Do You Change Your Focus?

If you have been convinced your reality is too bad, either from what you have heard or what you believe, your future has been the escape plan. It is your ticket out of a troubled life. It will somehow fix the bank account, career, relationship status, or something else. But have you considered how big of a jump that would take to make all at once?

If you follow Law of Attraction teachings: How would you actually visualize or think any of that new future and it just occurs for you?

If you wait for God or “the Universe” to act, to make these instant changes: How long must you wait, and do you have to be deemed worthy, follow a certain set of rules, or plead your case?

If you have been focused on a quick fix for so long, and now you are told to live your current reality, could you stop and allow yourself to focus on your present life?

How to Live Your Current Reality

To live your current reality, you need to learn to change your focus. Those who do this as a process of evolving, transforming, and awakening, do so when they finally realize there isn’t a supreme being who is controlling their lives, or they no longer have to wait on “the universe” to assist them.

Every person has their own power and it comes from within, through their connection to the energy source of life, and the Collective Consciousness of mankind. The strength of this wisdom is experienced during moments of reflection, meditation, being quiet, sitting in nature, or writing in a journal. This is a time of attuning or listening, changing focus, to gain knowledge and insight necessary to live your present life.

The insight and knowledge received will inspire a person to take action. Some of the action taken will result in the best outcomes, while other outcomes will lead to lessons learned. Either way, it is all part of living the current reality and experiencing life as it was meant to be lived.

Internal Turmoil and Self-Doubt

What causes the internal turmoil for many people, when thinking about the present reality, is wanting it to change but then giving up on their dreams. Your dreams are still very much a part of your life’s plan, and those dreams can provide clues about the future direction a person is going. But dreams do not mean a person should live to the point they are solely focused on the future, to the exclusion of the purpose of the present. When the future becomes the driving focus, it can lead to internal turmoil.

There is another type of lived reality for many people, those who have dreamed and then given up, believing it can never happen for them. The underlying cause is usually linked to self-doubt. This is the person who does not believe they are worthy, smart enough, deserving, or capable of receiving their dream. They may have tried and given up. They may lack a positive self-image, prayed and received no answer, visualized and found no changes, or imagined a new life and it never took shape.

Whatever the reason for the doubt, this person believes they are unable to receive the life they want, or they are unable to control their life now. Self-doubt is the reason why many people who are future-focused eventually quit trying, when there are no quick results and the frustration becomes internalized.

Self-doubt should actually be labeled learned-doubt. It is a product of what a person comes to believe in life as they have interactions with parents, educational institutions, religious institutions, and others. A person is taught to be dependent on others, especially those in authority, who can have a direct impact on a person’s life and how they live. When a person wants to think for themselves, it creates a spark of doubt.

Doubt is reinforced in the workplace as well, where the team effort is emphasized and management rules. No matter what creates the internalized doubt, self-doubt is not a natural state, and learning about the underlying Laws of the Universe can help to explain why. Those who seek to learn can discover knowledge through their own mind, as every human is and will always be connected to the energy source of life. A teacher can also assist, one who is willing to share truths and laws as knowledge, not quick fixes.

Learn a Law of the Universe

One Universal Law which can help to broaden a person’s understanding of their connection to the Collective Consciousness of mankind, and the power available to live in and experience the present reality, is the Law of Singularity.

The Law of Singularity states: A single focus creates a well-defined purpose, and a single energy stream creates life.

Mankind has used this Universal Law in other ways, specifically to create power. For example, stating there is “one true God”, a supreme being, establishing a dictator, and a religious leader. It is even found in relationships and the term monogamous relationships.

But from an energetic perspective, this Law of the Universe is related to the purpose a human being has while in a physical form. Each person made their own life’s plan, and agreements with others if there were to be outcomes co-produced together. But each person has a body which operates independently, thinks on its own, and the very energetic essence of the body is all its own. All of your memories are yours alone, and retained in Collective Consciousness, even after the physical form is gone.

This is an example of how Laws of the Universe underpin all of life. You live singularly, your body functions singularly, you access the source of life singularly, which means independence is natural. Dependence and doubt are learned.

This Law of the Universe is your power to live your life as you want it, which means you can live now and experience your reality in peace. When you have a dream of the future, it is something you have planned and are working towards. It should be a source of inspiration rather than escape.

The plan every human creates for their life is flexible to some degree. It can accelerate if a person is focused on a well-defined purpose or living the Law of Singularity. Or if it can slow if a person is frustrated by only focusing on the future to escape the present.

The Most Import Lesson of All

The most important lesson any human can learn is this: Your Future is Now.

There is so much going on right now in a person’s life which is vital to their becoming, to ignore it is to miss out on essential learning opportunities. A person does not reach the future by jumping ahead, or visualizing and magically getting there, there is a process of becoming which every human goes through.

More importantly, there is no future. There is only now.

There is either living or returning to an energetic form. Instead of stating: “I want something in the future”, just state: “My goal is to complete something”. Then you have a specific and concrete goal or purpose, and you can develop an action plan to build from along the way.

For those who want to use Law of Attraction alone, ask yourself this question: How can you create a vision of the future when you have no idea who you will have become by then?

What is most important is that you live and experience today.

Even the worst possible circumstances you might image are all part of your being and becoming. As you focus on the present, you develop a better mindset, and then you can listen for the insight and guidance needed. Through any form of reflection, you will receive insight and knowledge from the Collective Consciousness and Universal Wisdom of mankind, helping you become empowered and living at peace. Then you can set goals, and as you dream, look for clues about the plan for your life.

You can have the most amazing life you have ever imagined, and it all starts now.

I hope you Read and Believe in the power of your ability to learn the Laws of the Universe,

Dr. J

Important Note: These are notes taken while I am involved in focused thinking and connected to Collective Consciousness and Higher-Order Universal Wisdom. I have recorded and transcribed my notes, making them available to anyone interested in learning about Laws of the Universe.

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