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Laws of the Universe: How Do You Become Someone Special?

Are you waiting for your time to come, when you finally break out in life or in your career? Are you waiting for the world to take notice of your skills or talents?

Perhaps you are an aspiring author, singer, writer, musician, or simply someone who has moved from one job to the next hoping to progress. Do you want this year to be the time when you finally become the special person you have always thought about becoming? If you have honed your skills, developed your craft, and worked really hard to overcome your fears, self-doubts, and areas of weaknesses, shouldn’t this be enough to shine now?

It would seem as if we live in a time now when there are more opportunities than ever to get noticed, especially if you have a unique skill, talent, or special ability. There are numerous talent shows, singing competitions, cooking competitions, and reality competitions. There is also the use of the Internet, especially social media websites which allow someone to be visibly present and noticed by the entire world, not just a particular city, state, region, or nation. Now someone can reach a global audience if they are able to connect with the right platform and leverage their unique talents.

For a person who is developing their career, they do not have to mail in resumes as jobs are available through hundreds of online job boards and job postings allow a job seeker to send a resume within minutes. There are also professional social media websites for job seekers, along with professional networking websites and groups. The question then becomes this: With all of these resources available, shouldn’t it be easy for a person to stand out and become the special person they have always wanted to be?

The reality is that talent alone is not enough, even with the availability of all of these resources, regardless of what your skills and abilities might be. If you are a writer, singer, or musician, you can still get lost in a crowd regardless of the number of opportunities available or the talents you possess. If you are searching for a job, automation now reduces your chance of being considered for a position to an algorithm and this means an actual human may never see your application and resume before you are weeded out from consideration, even if you believe you are the perfect candidate.

The Internet and social media is not a guarantee of finding success either. There are those who are self-titled “social media influencers” with hundreds of thousands of followers, yet their fame is dependent upon how much attention they can continue to generate as there are hundreds of thousands of others right behind them who are also vying for the attention of new followers as well. It isn’t always a matter of who has the most talent or even who is the most special when you are looking at social media, often it is a matter of who can garner the most attention, and sometimes people have to resort to some pretty extreme measures to cut through the clutter.

Now we come back to the original question about becoming special. If you are someone who has a unique talent or ability, and you want the world to know about it, how do you find your way through all of the external or environmental noise, the social media competition, and the endless number of people who are competing with you to get noticed? How can you become someone special in this world and really stand out from everyone else and make your mark in this world?

I’ve written about the Law of Presence before and I have also written about the plan for your life, which everyone has already developed. Now I wanted to learn more about the point in a person’s life when they want to evolve and transform. It is more than establishing a presence as your presence is known from the moment you arrive here in a physical form. It is about being able to showcase your unique skills, abilities, and talents so you are able to live the most productive and meaningful life possible. Some people might call this self-actualization, but I consider this living a life of purpose. It also relates to Law of Intention and establishing an intention to do something specific with your life.

I will share with you what I have learned about becoming a special and unique individual while I was connected to the Collective Consciousness of mankind and higher order Universal Wisdom.

A universal truth is this: Any time a human being seeks to feel a sense of what is described as being “special”; what it really means is that confirmation sought of what is being felt inside. What is felt inside is doubted and questioned rather than accepted and believed. It is a conflict of needing external validation before accepting known internal conditions. These are internal conditions which could be so obvious that a belief would be (or should be) beyond question.

Yet humans are taught to question, doubt, and need to rely upon validation from external sources for approval before believing, which can include needing the approval of parents, teachers, and religious leaders. But a natural state for any human is that of pure belief. A human is part physical form and part energetic form or being, with a connection to the source of life energy that nurtures all of mankind. Through the mind of a human there is a connection and direct access to unending knowledge and the wisdom needed to support the development of a life’s plan.

The Evolution of a Human

The following summarizes how a human being arrives and evolves.

While in energetic, pure Collective Consciousness form, a decision is made to come into a physical form. It is part of the cycle of perpetual life. It is natural for energetic forms to want to extend into this world and experience a physical life form, as it allows an energetic form to expand through new experiences and new memories. Every physical form taken, every form of energy it produces, all serves a purpose, even if to man it may seem good, bad, kind, unkind, righteous, or bad. This is all part of the balancing of energy, which also expands the entirety of Collective Consciousness as the memories and experiences are expanding the positive and negative spectrums.

The energetic form that decides to come forward into a physical form may also have come forward before and have prior memories within its consciousness stream. However, each time a new physical form begins, those prior memories are not (or may not) be immediately recognizable, depending upon the plan established. Most of the prior memories may come about through feelings of comfort when certain places or objects are experienced. The most important aspect about coming forward into a physical form from an energetic existence is the knowledge a life plan was established.

Understanding Your Life Plan

The details of the life plan established were energetically evaluated and thought out thoroughly before arrival, from the moment of birth to the day the body returns to the Earth and the essence of the being becomes pure energy once again. There may also be agreements made with others to form friendships or relationships, obtain assistance when needed, or any other endless possible types of arrangements. As part of creating a life prior to arriving in physical form, the unique characteristics of the physical being were developed. This helps to explain why there are so many unique bodies.

Discovering Your Talents

Now in a physical form, but still energetically connected to Collective Consciousness, a person begins to discover their talents. Over time, some of these talents stand out much brighter than others as being unique in this world. The more a person hones these skills and talents, the more enjoyable those qualities become. Soon a person may focus on finding a way to incorporate more activities which utilize those skills, even building a career around those talents.

A potential, common challenge which occurs is this: A person recognizes how talented they are and how hard they have worked to develop their skills, yet for some reason they are not getting recognized for those talents. This is especially challenging for the person attempting to start a career based upon their skills. It can even be just as much of a challenge for a person who has been struggling to advance in a career, never seeming to gain the recognition they believe they deserve.

The longer this goes on, the more impatient the person may become and this is when the lack of a feeling of being someone special in this world may come from – when a person knows they could be living a life or working in a career based upon certain skills but the change won’t occur or the recognition will not be received. When a person asks the question, “When will I become someone special”, it means they either do not believe their skills will lead them to the place in life or their career where they belong, or they are growing too impatient.

It is not about timing or hard work. It is about knowing you have special or unique talents, you have established a plan for your life, and now you are awaiting your life’s plan to unfold.

Solving the Challenge, Answer the Question

What you can do is to focus on the best of your abilities and what bring you the most happiness. Spend time involved in activities which utilize those abilities as it will produce positive feelings, provided you can focus on how much you enjoy what you are doing.

As you focus on the enjoyment of the activity or activities, you will find yourself naturally going into a reflective state. Some people call this meditation, reflection, attunement, or getting into a zone. But in this state of mind you are happy and without knowing it, your connection to the Collective Consciousness of mankind is strongest. This means you are the most receptive to accessing knowledge and wisdom.

Now you can receive insight about your life’s plan and guidance about what to do as to taking action in your life or career, when you are in a happy and reflective state of mind, even if it only involves taking small steps to begin with to help you remain productive.

There is never any question: You are someone special. You should never doubt this simple fact. Everyone has unique talents to be discovered. Your talents and abilities may be part of a plan to change the world, or your plan may be much simpler. You may have planned to be a loving partner, spouse, and companion to someone else. Being someone special in this world does not mean you have to be on center stage. It can mean being a valued employee, manager, or team member who helps contribute to the success of an organization or institution.

Your abilities may also include intangible qualities such as perseverance, strength, and determination, which can help someone who is battling a life-threatening illness or disease, mentor someone who needs advice, or be a role model to someone else. When you think of changing the world, those changes may come about through small and large actions, but always through those who recognized their talents and used them. What you can do is to recognize your unique skills and abilities, and then take time to hone those talents. When your talents are needed, you will be ready.

As you find time to enjoy your natural talents, you will discover clues about the plan for your life during moments of quiet reflection. This is how you will learn more about any actions you should take for the direction of your life and career. Whether your talents allow you to have an impact on one life or thousands, it is believing in yourself which makes you feel special. If you can believe this and look for internal guidance, instead of demanding external recognition, you can live a much more fulfilled life as your skills and abilities will flow through every aspect of your life and career.

This is your life, you planned it, never forget how special you are.

I hope you Read and Believe in the power of your ability to learn the Laws of the Universe,

Dr. J

Important Note: These are notes taken while I am involved in focused thinking and connected to Collective Consciousness and higher order Universal Wisdom. I have recorded and transcribed my notes, making them available to anyone interested in learning about Laws of the Universe.

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