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When you have questions about your life, especially questions which are deeply personal and you cannot answer those questions on your own, how do you look for answers? Do you seek out religious leaders or spiritual teachers, or do you search for resources on your own?

When you think about life and the purpose of your life, do you believe you have any involvement in how it was planned? Do you feel any measure of control now? I ask these questions to have you develop a starting point for your belief systems. I do not want to change what you believe.

What I want to do is to help you become empowered to believe you have access to the wisdom of all of mankind, through your connection to the source of life or the energy of life. I want to show you that there is no one controlling this wisdom or the energy of life itself. If you have been reading about Law of Attraction, and finding it has not been transformative for your life, I want you to understand and learn why. I would like to teach you about many other important Laws of the Universe, which can help begin a transformative process within you.

Who am I? My name is Dr. Bruce A. Johnson. I am an educator, teacher, career coach, and mentor. My purpose is to inspire and uplift others through the power of my words. I have written uplifting books, online articles, and blog posts. I am also a teacher of Laws of the Universe.

Why I Became a Teacher of Laws of the Universe

A great teacher is not born from a life of ease and no experience. A teacher emerges from a well-worn path, with a mental suitcase full of experiences and memories, along with challenges and problems that have tested the very limits of this person’s endurance. This person is someone who can empathize with others and has great words to inspire others with. Greater teachers are later teachers.

I decided to live a unique life, not fit in, not be normal according to societal terms, and defy the rules of society and religion. It would be a life filled with planned challenges, experiences, great highs, deep lows, loves that seemed to come and go, until a day later in life it would all lead to this new career path.

I am attuned to Collective Consciousness as is all of mankind, but I have gone further and attuned to Universal Wisdom. I did this by removing bias, religious perspectives, fear of punishment, and being able to trust what I am receiving when I attune. I simply focus like a radio changing stations to pick up another frequency. You do not see those frequencies in the air, rather you experience them with your senses.

When I attune, I have a point of reference or a question. Then as I accesses Universal Wisdom, it is like a vast library where I am reading from a book and this is the block of thought I am receiving as I write and take notes. When I am seeking an answer to a question, it is also like making a query in a database.

I do not claim to have special powers, abilities, or answers to all of your questions. What I have is an ability to be quiet and listen to a Collective Consciousness, which has been called Infinite Intelligence or Source Energy by many, and this is something anyone can train themselves to do with time and practice.

Learning truths about the essence of our being and the source of life has been a transformational experience as I have come to know life from a completely new perspective. Now I want to share with you what I have learned in my journey, which is still ongoing. I believe there are others like myself who have questions which Law of Attraction, and teachers of Law of Attraction, cannot fully answer. Once you have discovered the many Laws of the Universe, and the universal truths, perhaps you will begin your own transformational journey of discovery and personal awakening.

I hope you are inspired by what you read as I share new blog posts and resources.

Dr. Bruce A. Johnson

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